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MLB Top 350+ Prospects for 2010 (Arranged by Position)

The Spreadsheet is viewable below. Click here to view The MLB Chronicle's 2010 Top 350+ MLB Prospects (ranked and arranged by position)!

The following spreadsheet file is a listing of The (Major League) Baseball Chronicle's top 300 MLB prospects for 2010. The prospects are arranged by position and ranked by their overall talent, and their distance from the Major Leagues. For position players, scouting ratings (using the standard 20-80 Scouting Scale) are provided for their hitting ability ("Bat"), power ("Pwr"), base-running speed ("Spd"), overall defensive ability ("Fld"), and for their plate discipline/batting approach ("Dis"). I've also provided, each players' name, primary position(s), career on-base-plus-slugging percentage ("OPS")-- in the minor leagues (including the Dominican Summer League)--, their handedness with which they bat and throw ("B/T" for "bats and throws"), their date of birth ("D.O.B."), their height and weight ("Ht/Wt"), and their overall prospect grade ("Grade").

The 20-80 scouting scale used by The Major League Baseball Chronicle, is one that is almost universal utilized by baseball scouting organizations. The numbers are projections of what the player could do, when (and if) they reach 80% of their potential. A scouting rating of "50" represents the MLB average-- 15 homeruns, an 87-88 mph fastball, a .270 batting average etc... A scouting rating of "80" is extremely rare, and only given to the most impressive skills-- Adam Dunn's power, Jose Reyes' speed, Tony Gwynn's batting ability, Ozzie Smith's defense, Pedro Martinez' changeup, Nolan Ryan's fastball, Barry Zito's curveball, etc... A scouting rating of "35" is fringe MLB-passable for most skills, except defense due to the existence of the designated hitter in the AL. Occasionally subpar skills (a Tim Wakefield's fastball velocity, Sean Casey's foot-speed, Adam Dunn's defense) (below a "35" rating) are acceptable if the player's other skills compensate. Jason Tyner for instance, had 1358 MLB at bats despite hitting just one homerun during that span. A scouting rating of "20" is a skill that will keep a player from receiving an at bat in the Major Leagues and is rarely seen in Minor League baseball.

For pitchers, the same information that was listed for batters is provided (Name, position, team, grade, etc...)-- except their scouting ratings are appropriate for their position. In the hitter's batting-ability column, pitchers have a rating for their fastball movement and velocity ("fb"). In the hitter's power column, pitchers have a rating for their breaking-ball movement and velocity ("Bb"), followed by a rating for their changeup movement/velocity ("ch") in the next column, their overall command and control ("Cmd") in the next, and finally a rating for their polish ("pol") (-- a measure of major-league readiness and pitching intelligence-- in the final column. Note that, instead of providing an OPS, a pitchers' career, minor league, earned-run-average ("ERA"), is listed.

All of the prospects listed on this spreadsheet have less than 150 Major League at bats and less than 50 MLB innings pitched. Most of the players listed on this sheet have no experience in the Major Leagues, while some have no professional baseball experience whatsoever.

For players that have an inadequate amount of statistical data in the Minor Leagues, "N/A" is listed under their "OPS" or "ERA" columns.

By the end of the week, written scouting reports for each of these players will be posted, but premium information will only be available to online subscribers ($19.95 + $2.95 s&h for access to the 2010 TBC Prospect Handbook). For subscription information, please contact Ryan Kelley ( or Laura Ryan ( for further details. The official website of The Major League Baseball Chronicle ( is currently being repaired, and will be available by February 3rd, 2010.

(c) 2010, RyanSK LLC. MLB Top 350+ Prospects 2010 is property of RyanSK LLC. Any attempt to copy or redistribute MLB Top 350+ Prospects for 2010 is illegal and those responsible will be prosecuted to the utmost of the law.

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